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Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Why should I choose to cover my vehicle(s) with paint protection film?


Recent changes in environmental regulations require manufacturers to use water-based paint formulas for your vehicle. When compared to traditional paint finishes, the new formulas can be susceptible to chipping, scratching, and cracking — particularly on the front end of your vehicle.

Paint protection film virtually eliminates the enemies of an aesthetically pleasing vehicle personality: rocks, gravel, salt, and insects.


  •  ​What sections of my vehicle typically benefit most from paint protection film?

Many customers tend to focus on the following vehicle sections to get the most protection: Hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors. Other areas often protected are headlights, door cups, door edges, trunk ledge, A-pillars, and rocker panels.


  • Will Paint Protection Film change the tone of my vehicle? (Commonly described as ‘yellowing’).
No. Modern paint protection films allow UV rays to pass through them. Therefore, your paint will not fade at a different rate than would normally occur.
  •  Is it possible for me to see the paint protection film after it has been applied?


Yes, however, most people will not notice it unless they are looking for it.  It's an 8mm clear urethane that is virtually invisible to the naked eye at almost all natural light environments. 


  • Is it possible to remove the paint protection film after it has been applied?


Yes, absolutely.

The semi-permanent nature of the application means easy, rapid removal from any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) painted surface. Once removed, the film may no longer be reinstalled.


  • What type of warranty do you offer?


I offer a 5 year manufacturer warranty which covers defects such as, yellowing, bubbling, peeling, cracking and does not cover normal wear and tear or abuse.




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